The FaceFit Roller ™
The FaceFit Roller ™

The FaceFit Roller ™

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The FaceFit Roller ™ is a natural face sculpting beauty tool that lifts and sculpts the face by massaging and releasing facial muscle tension. Rolling and massaging relaxes and elongates the muscle while breaking up fascial adhesions, stimulating lymphatic drainage, depuffing of the face, and reducing discolouration. Leaving your face feeling relaxed, healthier and glowing.




I love @ this product it has made me

love myself more and more and given a boost in my confidence I am looking better and better every day. I love you the creater of this product because you have given me a new confidence in my life that I needed. Thank you.


Every time I see you in your videos , I'm impressed by how lovely you are. I can see how the roller impacts immediate change through your demonstration. And how there's incredible long term improvement from your before and after images. Considering this, the cost of the roller is entirely worthwhile. You are so kind to share your beauty knowledge on a platform that is clearly not always kind in return. Your luminescence is stunning to me. Exuding Gorgeous always!


LADIES GET THIS!!! I promise you won't regret it! What the worst that can happen, you lose a wrinkle?


The best best product ever!

Love how it feels on my face so addictive just want to keep on using it and very easy to use!

And you can use it all over your face overall

10/10 would recommend


I got mine about 4 days ago and I love it, I'm addicted to it I take it with me everywhere.


The FaceFit Roller

I am very satisfied with the roller, super design of the product nice to the skin and amazing feeling after using it. I recommend worth the price... (35):


Brilliant equipment, have a lot of experience with guasha and other types of massagers but this one is the best, easy to use and intuitive


Hello, I got mine and I love it. Thank you. I see results and my face feels so light now.


Kapow and the face is getting tonned Got face roller 2 weeks ago and noticing changes already I SO love it

“Your face starts to depuff”

“The blood is moving and let me just say, in the morning when you wake up and your eyes are like, oh my gosh. I start rolling and it’s like a shot of espresso from my eyeballs.”

– Laura, FaceFit Roller ™ Customer

“...the lines are diminished”

“I feel that my face, the lines are diminished. I continue to roll every single night and I would not miss a night.”

– Kathy, FaceFit Roller ™ Customer


After a decade of dedicated service in the medical cosmetics clinic, Kamile Askim, the visionary Founder and Creator behind FaceFit Roller™, discovered the transformative power of muscle relaxation in achieving a youthful appearance – a principle often harnessed by Botox treatments. Recognizing the desire for a more natural alternative, Kamile embarked on a mission to pioneer a solution that would deliver a Natural Face Lift experience.

After years of meticulous testing and innovation, the FaceFit Roller™ was born. Now, it stands as a revolutionary tool, changing the faces of women worldwide by providing a non-invasive, Botox-free path to a Natural Face Lift. Join the global movement and embrace the beauty of a naturally lifted face with FaceFit Roller™.