Let's commence this transformative practice by focusing on your chest area. Prepare your skin by applying your preferred face oil. For optimal results, we suggest an organic grapeseed face oil. Begin your routine by placing the roller at the centre of your chest and gently glide it towards your underarms. Relaxing the chest muscles opens the lymphatic drainage pathways to remove all toxins. Perform this movement 6 to 8 times, as it stimulates your lymphatic draining system promoting a healthier, radiant complexion. Let's dive into this mindful practice for a revitalized skin journey.




Now that we've activated the lymphatic drainage system by focusing on the chest area, let's move on to the rejuvenation of your neck. Begin this step by using the Face Fit Roller to gently roll from the base of your neck upwards, covering the entire neck area. Repeat this motion 6 to 8 times, applying a gentle to moderate pressure. This technique helps invigorate circulation and promotes a youthful glow.

Once the neck rolling is completed, it's time to initiate the draining process. With feather-light pressure, roll the Face Fit Roller from beneath the ears down towards the collarbone. Repeat this motion 6 to 8 times. This step aids in releasing toxins and tension, leaving your neck feeling refreshed and revitalized. Let's continue this soothing journey towards revitalized skin!  





Let's begin our facial revitalized journey by targeting the jawline. With gentle upward motions, roll the Face Fit Roller from the jawline all the way up to the brow area. Repeat this movement 6 to 8 times, promoting a lifted and refreshed appearance.

Next, focus on the centre of your cheek To lift mid cheek area please roll from jawline to underneath eye area. Repeat this technique 6 to 8 times, invigorating the skin and enhancing circulation.

Transitioning to diagonal motions, start from the chin and roll towards the ears, segmenting the movement into lower, mid, and upper cheek sections. This method relaxes cheek muscles, lifts and contours, minimizes smile lines, and aids in the gentle elimination of facial toxins.

Moving to the lips' centre, initiate outward rolling motions towards the cheeks. Perform this technique 6 to 8 times, ensuring coverage of both top and bottom areas as well as the right and left sides. Remember, always use your hand to support the opposite side of the skin for effective and comfortable rolling.

For the chin area, roll downward to release muscle tension, promoting a relaxed and refreshed facial appearance. 





Let's shift our attention to the delicate eye area. Using gentle, feather-light pressure, begin rolling from the inner corner of the eyes towards the temple. Repeat this motion 6 to 8 times, providing a soothing massage that helps alleviate tension and puffiness.

Similarly, for the upper lid, start rolling from the inner corner of the eyes, extending over the brow towards the temple. Perform this technique 6 to 8 times, promoting relaxation in the muscles surrounding the eyes.

By easing tension in these areas, we actively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while effectively minimizing any puffiness around the eyes. This relaxing massage technique not only revitalizes the skin but also promotes collagen production by improved blood flow. 




As we approach the final important area, let's begin at the browline and gently roll upwards, extending beyond the hairline towards the top of your head. Perform this movement 6 to 8 times, dividing the forehead into sections and moving from one temple to the other. This technique promotes relaxation and revitalization, providing a soothing effect across your forehead.

Moving to the second exercise for the forehead, start by rolling from the centre outwards, gliding towards the temples. This specific movement aids in reducing frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Repeat this technique regularly to enjoy the benefits of a smoother and more relaxed forehead.



Thanks for joining our journey to radiant, relaxed skin with the Face Fit Roller. Let these techniques inspire your skincare routine; focus on facial massage for a natural facelift. Consistency is key; relax tense muscles daily. Share your experiences in the comments, like, subscribe, and join our community. Tag #FaceFitRoller to showcase your natural facelift!